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Martha Nussbaum and Me

I’ve been super busy and I didn’t mention that our commencement speaker is Martha Nussbaum, who is Ernst Freund Distinguished Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago.

I actually wrote about Dr. Nussbaum back in January, when she published a book about the dangers and abuses of the Internet. She has some keen insights about the hazards of Internet anonymity, especially when it lets people attack others viciously and irresponsibly.

We’ve got our senior barbecue on Thursday, along with our “Class of 2011 Final Lecture,” which should be both informative and inspirational. And there are several other events. Then graduation. I’m still excited, happy, and sad about it, all at the same time.


My Torso Is Not in a Dumpster

Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan. It’s amazing!

I know that I haven’t blogged since before my date last week, but don’t worry: I’m not dead!

My date last Friday night was wonderful. He definitely did not chop me up into little pieces and put them into zip-lock sandwich bags for mailing to a weird little rural town full of cannibals. πŸ™‚

Yes, I know that sounds crazy. But in my own defense, I’m not the only one who sometimes has morbid fears like that.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m reading J. Courtney Sullivan’s new novel Commencement, about four friends at Smith College. It is amazing! But in an early scene, one of the friends wakes up after a night of drunken passion:

The guy lying next to her was named Brian or Ryan; that much she remembered. Everything else was a bit of a blur … She was lucky not to have been chopped up into little bits. You saw it in the papers all the time: They met at a party, he asked her to go for a stroll, two days later the police found her torso in a dumpster in Queens. She wished that casual sex wasn’t so intimately connected to the possibility of being murdered, but there you had it.

Just for the record, no sex, casual or otherwise, has occurred yet with the guy I’m seeing. Of course, it depends on what you count as sex, but it’s not casual, anyway. And he’s a doctor. And my Dad is on the board of the hospital where he works and where I am a summer intern. So the situation lacks the kind of anonymity that might lead to my torso being found in a dumpster in Queens. Plus, he’d need to figure out how to get my torso on a plane to New York to dump it there. πŸ™‚

Oooh, this is sounding kind of gruesome! Sorry about that. I’m really a very happy person, not suicidal, don’t cut myself, etc., etc., and so forth.

But I totally recommend that you run out and get Commencement. I will post a full book review when I’ve finished reading it, but I am enjoying it a lot.

My guy won’t tell me where we’re going tonight, but it’s going to be a dance club. That much I know.

Eeek! I have to be ready in a little over an hour! Wish me luck … and I hope that you have a great weekend, too!

Ttfn …

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Back Home, Shopping and Clubbing

Sorry that I haven’t blogged for the last week. I can’t believe how lazy I’ve been since I flew back home from school. Mostly sleeping and shopping.

I’ve been back home since Wednesday evening. I skipped staying at school for commencement today because I don’t graduate till next year.

Gail Collins, our commencement speaker today, is awesome and I’ve started reading her column in The New York Times. But I skimmed her book in the bookstore and a lot of it is about the 1960s. Yes, I know that many important things happened in the 1960s, but sometimes I just want to say, give it a rest! Between my parents and some of my teachers, I’ve already heard plenty about the 1960s.

My BFF Sarah got back from school in California yesterday, so last night we went clubbing. I used spectacularly bad judgment about a guy I met but there was no harm done. I lost an item of clothing — really lost it, I don’t know where it is. I’ll just let you wonder which item it was. But don’t get too excited: it wasn’t anything crucial. πŸ™‚

We did have a good time though. I sneaked in at 3am and my parents were asleep but my brother Josh was still up playing computer games. He graduates from high school in a couple of weeks. Don’t let him know this, but I’m actually kind of proud of him when he’s not being a total pain.

I start my summer job a week from tomorrow, and then I’m taking the MCAT in June, so I’ll be studying for that. Life is good. I hope that your life is good, too!

Ttfn …

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Rachel Maddow at Smith

I am so envious that Smith got MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow as this year’s commencement speaker!

Rachel is one of my personal heroes. Maybe I can go see her.

Northampton is just a quick car ride away, and I’m not the only one here who admires her.

I first wrote “who loves her,” but that sounded too stalker-y. πŸ™‚

No time to write more tonight. Date in 20 minutes …