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How to Help Japanese Disaster Victims

After the earthquake, a devastating tsunami. Thousands are dead and many more are in danger.

We interrupt Spring Break for something much more important:

How can we help the victims of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdowns in Japan?

That horrible wave that engulfed mile after mile of Japan’s inland was one of the saddest and most terrifying things I’ve ever seen. It destroyed and submerged everything in its path, including human lives. People just like you and me. Adults and children. Good people and bad people. People at work, people on vacation, people who thought they were just driving to the store. Gone. Lives, hopes, futures snuffed out in an instant. Senseless and tragic.

Then, as if the earthquake and the wave weren’t enough, several of Japan’s nuclear power plants started to melt down, releasing deadly radioactive material into the atmosphere. That was even worse. Instead of a quick death from drowning or trauma, thousands of people will now suffer illness, debilitation, and cancer that develop over years and decades. They did not escape just by surviving the initial disaster. Now they have to watch themselves, and their children, always alert for long-term effects of the radiation from the nuclear power plants.

We should do three things.

First, we should pray for those who are still alive. Pray for their rescue and deliverance from danger.

Second, we should learn from what happened to them. None of us know if we will be alive tomorrow, or even five minutes from now. We should seize every moment of our lives, enjoy it, and use it the best way we can.

Third, we should (if we can) donate to help the victims of the disaster in Japan. The New York Times listed some legitimate charities that are providing disaster relief. I made my donation to Doctors Without Borders, but all the charities are trying to help.

  1. BVainshtein
    March 14, 2011 at 12:09 am

    Hi Rinth,

    Thanks so much for sharing this really thoughtful and helpful post.

    I’m going to link your post to my blog, AltrUHelp (http://altruhelp.wordpress.com/). AltrUHelp is an online social experiment my team is launching in a few short months to encourage altruism in everyday life. We love to spotlight blog posts like the one you wrote to help inspire altruism and reinforce our mission.

    I hope we can both encourage folks to take a moment to pray for and help the victims.

    Thanks again,

    • March 14, 2011 at 8:09 am

      Hi Bobby,

      Thanks for the link and for the kind words. We can only try to help the people who suffered in that tragedy, while remembering how lucky we are.

      I’ll check out your project. It sounds like a wonderful idea.


  1. March 13, 2011 at 11:48 pm

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