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Valentine’s Day Afterparty

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and today is the Valentine’s Day Afterparty.

Okay, I lied about the second part. Today, I’ve been making up study time that I spent partying in the first part.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

Last year, I had a Valentine’s Day secret admirer whose identity I discovered at brunch on Sunday. The surprise was pleasant.

This year, the admirer was no secret and the admiration was mutual, but we skipped Sunday brunch. The surprise came on Monday.

I thought nothing was going to happen, but the surprise was a Valentine’s Day dinner in Holyoke. Live music. Passion fruit sorbet. Margherita chicken. Shrimp. Chocolate fondue. Champagne. Then afterwards, some quiet time together, talking and celebrating in less verbal ways.

So instead of studying, I spent the evening at dinner and in various Sixth-Commandment violations, starting with immodest dress. 🙂

I’m catching up tonight, but it was worth it.

I hope that you, too, had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Copyright 2011 by Rinth de Shadley.

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