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Gossip Girl to the Rescue

Blair confronts Juliet in Serena’s hospital room. This never happened in the episode, so it must be either an outtake or a posed publicity shot. Photo: The CW.

Last week on “Gossip Girl,” Blair and Dan decided to go after Juliet for framing, kidnapping, and almost killing Serena with a drug overdose.

This week, they had no idea how to find Juliet. So they emailed Gossip Girl, the unknown person who runs the gossip Web site. She seems to know everything.

And Gossip Girl apparently does know everything. She sent them to an address in Connecticut where they found a former classmate of Serena’s named Damien. He had sold Juliet the drugs that she used on Serena.

Meanwhile, Juliet spotted Blair and Dan in her Connecticut hometown, so she fled back to New York. It sounded like she was planning to kill Serena. Instead, she sneaked into Serena’s hospital room at the Ostroff Center and confessed everything to her.

Juliet explained that her brother Ben, who had been Serena’s teacher, was accused of statutory rape for sleeping with her. Except that he didn’t sleep with her, even though Juliet saw “Serena’s signature” on the accusation. That’s why she blamed Serena for having her brother sent to prison.

Serena and Juliet left the hospital and went to a party that Lily and Chuck were giving at the Empire Hotel. They confronted Lily, who had falsely accused Ben of sleeping with Serena and then forged Serena’s signature on the rape accusation. It turned out that Lily not only had Serena’s innocent teacher put in prison, but she was also planning to sell Chuck’s company behind his back.

It wasn’t a good day for Lily, who has always been a little stupid but never seemed really horrible before this episode. Everyone ended up being angry at her, even Rufus. Of course, the fact that she made a false accusation and forged her daughter’s signature on a police document didn’t mean she was in any trouble beyond that. It’s a TV show, after all.

At the end of the episode, Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck, and Nate had a holiday dinner and then went their separate ways for the December break. Chuck went to Australia to get his evil uncle’s help and stop Lily from selling the company. Serena went to Connecticut to clear Ben’s name and get him released from prison. Nate called his Dad, who was in prison for insider trading and was about to be released. Nate invited his Dad to stay with him instead of going to a halfway house.

Dan decided to stay in the city and write. Blair decided to stay in the city and look after Dan. In the final scenes, did I see sparks of attraction between the two of them, now that Dan and Serena are kind of on a friends basis? I wonder if Blair and Dan are going to be an item in the spring?

What I didn’t like: Most of the episode didn’t make any sense. For no reason, Juliet went from wanting to destroy Serena to confessing and wanting to help Serena. Lily said she accused Ben of statutory rape to get Serena re-admitted as a student at Constance. I don’t see the connection between those two things. Lily had Serena committed to the mental hospital because she thought Serena had tried to commit suicide. Because she was committed, Serena was basically a prisoner: Blair and Dan couldn’t get in to see her. But Juliet just walked into Serena’s hospital room. Then she and Serena just walked out, no problem. And Lily was probably guilty of at least two or three serious crimes for falsely accusing Ben, forging police documents, and having an innocent person sent to prison. But there wasn’t even a hint that it might cause any legal problem for her. And if Chuck wanted to stop Lily from selling his company, all he needed to do was turn her in to the police.

The next new episode is January 24.

As Gossip Girl would say, “See you then, Upper East Siders. X-o-x-o.”

Copyright 2010 by Rinth de Shadley.

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