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A Fit Present for Grandparents

Wii Fit trainer. Photo: Los Angeles Times.

We’ve all got parents and grandparents, right?

Regardless of which holidays you celebrate this season, there’s a great present you can get for them. But it will surprise you: It’s a game console, platform, and software.

It turns out that the Nintendo Wii Fit is especially beneficial for older people.

The Wii Fit is a gaming platform about two inches high that you stand on to play Wii Fit games on the Wii console.

As people get older, their balance gets worse. That’s why we’re always hearing about older people who “have fallen and can’t get up.”

According to The New York Times, regular gameplay with a Wii Fit greatly improves older people’s balance:

After only a few sessions with the Wii Fit, though, the older volunteers improved their balance scores significantly, lowering their supposed “Wii age” (a score assigned by the game system, based primarily on balance tests) by about eight years. The young people improved by only about one year.

Older people probably get more benefit because their balance is worse. They have more room for improvement.

Wii Fit isn’t cheap: it’s about $200 for the console and $100 for the platform. But it’s a better present than those restaurant gift cards you gave them last year.

And anyway, if they don’t use the Wii, then you can. 🙂

Copyright 2010 by Rinth de Shadley.

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