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Gossip Time is Over

Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen. Photo: The CW Television Network.

No, this isn’t about gossip from WikiLeaks. It’s about something almost equally important, at least to some of us: Tonight’s episode of “Gossip Girl.”

In last week’s episode, Juliet drugged and kidnapped Serena after turning all her friends and family against her.

This week, we found out that while Serena was unconscious, Juliet threw her on a bed in a cheap motel in Queens. Then she forced pills and vodka down Serena’s throat to make it look like she had tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, Serena didn’t die from the overdose. When she woke up, she called 911 for help and ended up in the hospital.

When Lily, Rufus, and the rest got to the hospital, Serena’s doctor recommended confining her to the same psychiatric clinic that had treated her brother Eric when he tried to commit suicide a few years ago. Naturally, Lily didn’t even bother to talk to Serena before agreeing. Lily really is an idiot. I’m sorry, but she is.

So off went Serena to be locked up in the crazyhouse.

Dan’s sister Jenny had helped Juliet turn everyone against Serena. However, Jenny had an attack of conscience. She told both Rufus and Blair what really happened.

Rufus, who caught a case of the stupids from Lily, naturally didn’t listen to Jenny. But Blair did. And she told Dan. They decided to go after Juliet, who had left the city and disappeared.

The time for gossip is over. Now, the agenda is revenge. Or justice. As far as Juliet is concerned, either is fine with me.

P.S. Okay, I don’t endorse revenge. It was late when I wrote that. But Juliet is pretty bad.

Copyright 2010 by Rinth de Shadley.

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