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They Can’t Tell One Blonde from Another?

Tonight’s episode of “Gossip Girl” had its moments, but it got a little too mean for me.

Juliet has been trying to get revenge on Serena. Apparently it’s because she believes that her brother Ben was sent to prison for having had a relationship with Serena when he was her teacher at boarding school.

Serena, meanwhile, has had absolutely no clue why Juliet hates her so much. Which is hard to believe, if she was in a relationship with a teacher who was Juliet’s brother and who got sent to prison. Also hard to believe is that Lily, Serena’s mother, wouldn’t know anything about that having happened at Serena’s boarding school.

All right, I’ve admitted in an earlier blog that I shouldn’t over-think “Gossip Girl” storylines.

Juliet infiltrated a costume party by posing as Serena. Wearing a mask and the same dress as Serena, she kissed both Dan and Nate, trying to make them angry at Serena.

Okay. Juliet is blonde. Serena is blonde. So because she was masked, we’re supposed to believe that Dan and Nate didn’t realize they were kissing Juliet instead of Serena? Are all of us really that interchangeable? I’m not even blonde and it bugs me. And don’t even mention the fact that Serena is taller than Juliet. You can say they were fooled because Juliet was wearing Serena’s perfume, but I know from experience that guys usually can’t distinguish between perfumes.

And another thing. At the end of the episode, Juliet drugs Serena and kidnaps her. That’s too much. First, it’s way beyond the meanness scale of anything they’ve done before on “Gossip Girl.” Second, when people have done mean things before on the show, there’s been some kind of reason. Serena tends to think with her — well, not with her brain. Blair is crazy insecure sometimes. And Georgina is just plain crazy. Even Jenny, who’s the meanest regular character on the show, is mean mainly from hurt and insecurity. Juliet is just hateful. I don’t like that.

Serena’s kidnapping might be why they’ve been floating rumors that Blake Lively wants to leave the show, suggesting that maybe her character will get killed off. I don’t believe it. As airheaded as Serena has been lately — and we know she is not like that, or wasn’t until last season — it just wouldn’t be “Gossip Girl” without her.

Copyright 2010 by Rinth de Shadley.


  1. Brother Ted
    November 16, 2010 at 9:25 am

    “I shouldn’t over-think ‘Gossip Girl’ storylines.”

    On the contrary. Too often, American public intellectuals woefully under emphasize “Gossip Girl’ as a relevant and telling marker of our collective cultural health.

    Okay… I’ve never seen a single episode. 🙂

    • November 16, 2010 at 6:31 pm

      Hi BT —

      LOL! I love the show but it’s probably not that important. It’s just kind of fun. 🙂

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