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Playing House with 13

I took a study break and watched “House” from last night. I’m not sure what makes Hugh Laurie so … well, let’s just say that if I ever developed a Daddy complex, he’d be my first choice.

I firmly believe that if you’re going to get a Daddy complex, it should be about a TV star who’s inaccessible. That avoids a certain euuuw factor. 🙂

If you don’t watch the show (shame on you), it’s about a brilliant but obnoxious doctor named Gregory House. Everyone in the hospital puts up with him because he can diagnose patients whose illnesses have stumped everyone else. He has an on-again, off-again love interest with the hospital administrator, Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

His best friend and roommate is Dr. James Wilson, who also works at the hospital. Wilson lets House live with him because he realizes that even though House is a medical genius, he’s very childish in other ways and can’t take care of himself. Wilson is part sidekick, part father figure to House. The whole show is basically a medical version of Sherlock Holmes, with House (Holmes) and Wilson (Dr. Watson).

In this week’s episode, Wilson was trying to spend some time with one of his ex-wives, so he paid the members of House’s staff to take him out socially in the evenings. It was pretty funny. One evening, they got up on stage in a club and started singing. Another day, Dr. Remy Hadley, a woman who House calls “13” (long story), offered to take him to a lesbian bar. As I said, House is pretty childish in some ways, and you could practically see his tongue hanging out at the thought. And when they were sitting in the bar, you could tell that he was really enjoying himself. Also, 13 doesn’t normally appeal to me, but she was more relaxed and attractive in that scene. She’s usually shown at the hospital in tense medical situations that require a lot of grimacing and running around.

Speaking of grimacing, well, I don’t really grimace when I study. Not normally, but as the end of the semester approaches, the pressure is getting to me a little. I want to graduate summa cum laude, and that takes a lot of work. Which I’d better get back to. Just don’t tell anyone that I ended a sentence with a preposition: that’s not the kind of word you should end a sentence with. Ooops.

I hope that you’re having a great evening and a great week! Ttfn …

Copyright 2010 by Rinth de Shadley.

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