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Oh, No! Sex Talks with Mom and Dad

OK, so it’s kind of a stupid topic. But it’s 12 degrees outside and my mind wandered.

What got me thinking about it was an opinion column today on a news site. The columnist wrote that “Some children would rather do hours of violin practice than discuss sex with their parents.” Amen to that. Of course, I am so bad at violin that hours of practice might not do me any good. So I guess we’re left with the dreaded parental sex talk.

My parents and I had our sex talks a long time ago. Mercifully, they seem to avoid the subject these days, though I actually can talk to my Mom about a lot. Not everything, but a lot.

The first time we had a serious talk about sex, Mom wanted to make sure that I knew all kinds of things I had already learned in school or, more accurately, from talking to my friends.

Dad tried to make sure I knew that all guys were lying scum who would do anything to get what they wanted, which was mainly just one thing. Check. Though unlike my Dad, who seemed very alarmed about the fact, to me it has always seemed kind of funny and a little exciting. And let’s be fair: it’s not true of all guys, not even all straight guys.

If you understand how the game works, it’s much less clear who is the hunter and who is the prey. I can be either. 🙂

Copyright 2010 by Rinth de Shadley.

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