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Obama vs. the Republican Conference

President Obama at the Republican House Issues Conference in Baltimore (New York Times photo).

I know that there are smart, honest, and well-meaning Republicans. But I saw a little of President Obama’s visit to the Republican Congressional meeting, and it didn’t seem as if any of them were there.

Really, it seemed as if President Obama was the only one there who had any sense and was doing anything besides reciting slogans.

The President also reassured me on one point. He’s been talking about a government spending freeze. Not all government spending, but some of it. It’s seemed like he just wanted to shut up people who were complaining about the government budget deficit and the increased national debt, which my generation and probably the next generation will have to repay.

I’m not an economist, just a student, but I did take economics. And I learned that one thing you don’t do when the economy is in trouble is to cut government spending. The government spending provides demand to help get the economy growing again and reduce unemployment. That’s not complicated: it’s just Econ 104.

At the Republican meeting, President Obama made that same point: the economy is still in trouble, so he doesn’t want a spending freeze right now. Instead, he wants it for 2011, and we all hope that the economy will be better by then. So he’s reassuring people about the deficit but at the same time wants to postpone spending cuts until they won’t hurt the economy. OK, I buy that. It makes sense.

P.S. Here’s why you should be glad that President Obama met with the Republicans: The blog I was originally going to write was “Does Hair Color Matter That Much?” 🙂

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