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Danger Ahead on “Gossip Girl”?

One of my favorite news sites is TeenDramaWhore.com. It has all kinds of news, rumors, spoilers, videos, and quizzes from the best TV dramas. It’s run by the incredible Shari Weiss, a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, who interned for Seventeen and People before founding her own entertainment news sites.

Anyway,  TDW says that on upcoming episodes of “Gossip Girl,” resident Bad Boy Chuck Bass and his beloved Blair Waldorf will play some romantic games that go too far. But what does that mean?

Chuck (Ed Westwick) has always had a dark side, but it’s been muted since he fell in love with Blair. As for Blair, even as mean and manipulative as she can be, she has always seemed to have a kind of innocence. You get a feeling, partly because of Leighton Meester‘s wonderful acting, that she pretends to be meaner than she is; that there are definite limits to what she would do.

I confess that I’m a “Gossip Girl” addict. I’ve read the books and seen all the TV episodes. I even went over to the CW’s online store and almost bought an oversized purple bag that Serena had in one episode. It was a little expensive but still a bargain compared to any of the bags at Saks. 🙂

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