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Lieberman Flip-Flops to Stop Reform

“The Young Turks” Webcast has caught Sen. Joe Lieberman flip-flopping on the “Medicare buy-in” provision of health care reform in this video.

It’s already widely known that while campaigning in 2000 and 2006, Lieberman supported expansion of Medicare. In one segment of the Young Turks clip, he supports lowering the required age from 65 to 50.

The video shows him supporting expansion of Medicare in September 2009, only three months ago.

I don’t know what Sen. Lieberman tells himself about his motivations. I’m sure that when he looks in the mirror at night, he has some kind of ethical-sounding reason that he gives himself. Maybe he really does have a reason like that, but he hasn’t stated it in any way that makes sense. Which leaves us looking for his “real reason.”

It looks to me like he’s just against any reform that might actually help people. When a Medicare buy-in wasn’t part of health care reform, he was in favor of it. As soon as it became part of a compromise to get reform passed, he was suddenly against it.

People have suggested a lot of explanations: that he wants to get even with Democrats for his defeat in the 2006 primary, to help the Republicans defeat President Obama, or just to serve the insurance companies that have given him at least a million dollars in campaign contributions.

I don’t know if any of those explanations is true. But I do know that if health care reform fails, or if it’s just a giveaway to the insurance companies, Sen. Lieberman will bear a lot of the responsibility.

Copyright 2009 by Rinth de Shadley.

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