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Rachel Maddow Denounces “Kill the Gays Bill”

MSNBC talk-show host Rachel Maddow, who is one of my personal heroes, has been talking all week about what she calls the “kill the gays bill” proposed in the legislature of Uganda.

As you might expect, her critiques of the proposed law and its American supporters have been intelligent and well-researched.

Okay, it’s a little exaggerated for her to call it a “kill the gays bill.” According to her own reporting, the proposal includes the death penalty only for gays with AIDS who risk giving someone else the disease. That’s plenty bad, but it’s not for all gays, and not just for being gay (though there are lesser penalties for that). So her label is hyped-up but not inaccurate.

Rachel is absolutely right to denounce the bill. She’s also right to criticize American politicians who have close ties to the Ugandan government but have refused to publicly denounce the bill.

I must admit that I think it’s a little much for her to devote a week’s worth of her MSNBC program to a law that Ugandan politicians have proposed but not passed. All kinds of crazy things get proposed, even in the United States. That doesn’t mean they will ever become law.

Yes, absolutely, let’s encourage Uganda in the right direction. Let’s insist that American political and religious leaders openly denounce the “kill the gays” bill. But we’ve got problems of our own to deal with. At a certain point, what happens in Uganda isn’t up to us. It’s up to the people of Uganda.

Copyright 2009 by Rinth de Shadley.

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