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Gossip Girl, Set in Small-Town Manhattan

I was explaining to a friend why I love the “Gossip Girl” TV show, and I suddenly realized something that I haven’t seen anyone else mention:

Even though it’s set in New York City, “Gossip Girl” is a small-town drama.

Think about it. In the small towns where our grandparents and some of our parents grew up, everyone knew everyone else. And everyone talked about everyone else. If someone was having a baby, hooked up with someone, broke up with someone, had a drug problem, or just bought a new dress, everyone heard about it very quickly. There are a lot of old movies and TV shows that deal with exactly that situation.

Now consider “Gossip Girl.” Gossip Girl sends hot gossip to people’s cell phones, so just like in a small town, everyone instantly knows what everyone else is doing.

In one first-season episode, for example, someone saw Serena at a drug store buying a home pregnancy test. Via Gossip Girl, everyone at school instantly knew about it and assumed that Serena was pregnant. Of course, she was actually buying the test for Blair, who she thought was pregnant but in denial. That’s the kind of drama that might have occurred in a small town 50 years ago. The only difference is that the characters on “Gossip Girl” have cell phones and the fashions are better. 🙂

Copyright 2009 by Rinth de Shadley.

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