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Shame on Armed Protesters

I usually avoid writing about politics because it makes people crazy, including me. But according to CNN, protesters are bringing their guns, and even assault rifles, to speeches by President Obama. Even if it’s legal in their states to carry unconcealed guns, it’s still an outrage and an assault on civilized society.

Two points.

First, what if the protestors had brought their guns to one of President Bush’s speeches? We all know what would have happened. They would immediately have been tasered, tortured, and sent to Guantánamo to extract “confessions.” It shows President Obama’s respect for the law that he has not ordered his bodyguards do to that.

Second, the symbolism of white protesters bringing guns to a speech by a black president is obvious to everyone. All that the protesters left at home were their white sheets and a few decorative nooses. This is not about government spending, or taxes, or healthcare reform, or any of the other phony excuses. It’s about racial hatred and the threat of racial violence.

I am not as tolerant as President Obama. Even if the armed protesters cannot be arrested, I think that they should be denounced and shunned by all sane people.

Copyright 2009 by Rinth de Shadley.

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