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Date, study, then cook. Is that what life is?

I’m getting a late start this morning because my date last night ran long. We sat downstairs and watched DVDs for most of the evening.

I teased him that I wanted to watch “Gossip Girl,” but we ended up watching a German movie called “Run Lola Run.” It was a good compromise because it had a strong female character for me, and she was sexy enough to interest him. The movie was about a woman whose boyfriend lost $100,000 belonging to a drug dealer. She has 20 minutes to get the money somehow or the drug dealer will kill him. It was actually pretty cool, and it does last longer than 20 minutes (I won’t spoil it by telling you how). I am glad that the actress lives in Germany, because even though she must be at least 30, my date’s tongue was hanging out all through the movie. I don’t need that kind of competition. On the other hand, his tongue was still hanging out after the movie and he was full of energy, so that was a good thing.

I’m mostly studying today (Sunday) because I don’t get much time during the week between my summer job and summer school class. Tonight, it’s my turn to cook dinner for the family, so I think that I’ll make chicken and dumpling casserole (tasty but fast and easy to make) with pasta salad and buy some cookies for dessert. Yes, I do know how to make cookies, but mine aren’t as good as the ones from the bakery.

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